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Welcome to @cbdg's Twitch project website. This site is never up-to-date, but I hope you find something useful on it anyway.

Available just for you


emotes.raccatta.cc is a preview page for Twitch emotes. Also has basic profile info and links to BTTV/FFZ/7TV.

Log rendering

logs.raccatta.cc is a stylized log renderer. It can render user logs from JustLog instances as well as the recent-messages history of a channel.


chat.raccatta.cc is a (mobile) Twitch WebChat client with integrated BTTV/FFZ/7TV emote support. Now with built-in TTS (if your browser supports it)! It's fully functional, although it's missing some quality-of-life things (such as a convenient authentication dialog.)

Quickly visit one or more channels using ?c=forsen or ?c=forsen,xqc (tab view) or ?c=forsen|xqc (side-by-side view). This should be useful if you want to view or show chat during a live event, for example!

Mobile Andy

Mobile Andy is a Twitch player quick-link utility for people who hate the Twitch mobile app. Add your favorite streamers so you can quickly navigate to them on your phone.

OBS overlays for Twitch

[chat] Sus overlay. Eject imposters by timing them out.

Have an idea of your own? Reach out!


egsbot is a game/utility bot for Twitch. Check the page for more information.